‘It worked’: Obama puts his foot in his mouth again

| July 27 2012
Christopher Cook

Some are calling it Obama’s latest gaffe. See for yourself:


Like so much of what Obama says (and gets away with, due to a like-minded and agenda-driven media), this is patently absurd on its face. This is the slowest recovery since the Great Depression. Not at all coincidentally, this is the first time that we tried many of the same Keynesian recovery techniques that were tried during the Great Depression. In other words, the historical record is giving us clear evidence that their plan didn’t work at all—rather, it completely failed. Worse than simply failing, it has almost surely retarded recovery.

Of course, these inconvenient truths don’t stop Obama from repeating falsehoods or uttering new ones, nor do they stop his apparatchiks in the press from giving him as much cover as they can. But in a presidential election year, the truth has a way of slipping even past the gatekeepers in New York and Washington.

The Romney camp is doing what they can to shine a very bright light on the absurdity of the “It worked” claim:

A few nights ago at a fundraiser, President Obama proudly proclaimed that his economic plan had “worked.” Tell that to the millions of Americans now on food stamps. Tell that to the millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet. No Mr. President, it did not work.


This video takes things a step further by animating a series of data points indicating that Obama’s plan most certainly has not worked:


In the end, “It worked” may not have quite the same legs as the “You didn’t build that” gaffe. “You didn’t build that” is genuinely insulting, both to business owners today and to a core ethos bred into the American character over the last four centuries. “It worked” is merely absurd and false, and frankly, absurd falsehoods from Obama are something to which the American people have grown rather accustomed.