Future Freeloading Parasites of America

| July 22 2012
Christopher Cook

In an earlier post, we highlighted an observation of James Taranto, of which this is the money quote

The only people who pay the ObamaCare mandate tax are people who make a living. Actual freeloaders are exempt. What Obama calls a freeloader is someone who makes his own money and pays his taxes but does not spend his money in the government-approved way.

The left’s hatred of producers is palpable at any time, but Obama’s recent comments have let the mask slip. So now, allow me to introduce a few of Obama’s most hated people in-the-making:

Here is the video description from the parents:

TURN THE VOLUME UP! Sorry…we will get a better camera soon. This is a video of some of the lessons Cool Blast Lemonade learned and an update. Also see http://homeschoolpool.info/home_school_curriculum/economics/lemonade-day-2012/ for more on their Lemonade Day journey

The kids answered the questions exactly how they wanted to answer them. In fact, not everything was entirely correct but it was left because…well…we didn’t want to script it. However, we did the video on a camera phone and the sound was terrible so there were some shots that took more than one take. The girls were very aware of being on camera so didn’t always look or sound natural. Plus, when it was the 2nd or 3rd take they knew what the question was and hammed it up a bit. But they were not told what to say. Some of the questions such as when they would open next and what changes needed to be made had been discussed previously when they were revising their business plan.

Yes, we are moderating comments because the kids see this, they worked hard, are proud of what they did (as they should be) and don’t need to see the ugly comments. They thank you for your support and will continue to have a great time in this business and whatever else they decide to take on in the future.