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First they take your property, then they take your right to speak

Posted: July 18, 2012 at 5:00 pm   /   by

If you want to see what an out-of-control government looks like, this short video ought to give you a pretty clear visual (HT: InsiderOnline):

Across the country, government is dealing a one-two punch to property rights and free speech. Using sign codes, cities are demanding large signs protesting eminent domain abuse be taken down. Free speech rights are essential to protect our other rights, including our property rights. If victims of eminent domain abuse can’t speak out against it, who can? IJ is working to defend individuals’ property rights and free speech rights when they come under attack.

It is disturbing enough when government violates one of your human rights. But when it then takes away your right to speak out against the violation, we need to be very concerned. The slope from there to a much worse place is very steep and very slippery.