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Kirk Adams Campaign Has Questions for ObamaCare Lobbyist Matt Salmon

Posted: July 17, 2012 at 4:32 pm   /   by

Kirk Adams Campaign Has Questions for ObamaCare Lobbyist Matt Salmon


Mesa, Arizona – Today, the Kirk Adams for Congress Campaign released the following statement and questions for ObamaCare lobbyist Matt Salmon: “For a Washington lobbyist like Matt Salmon, ObamaCare may have been a complex issue,” said Adams Campaign Manager Chad Heywood. “For a principled conservative like Kirk, there was no question: ObamaCare is bad for America and no part of it should have become law. Now Salmon is trying to back away from his record, so we have a couple simple questions for him:

-If he opposed ObamaCare, why are there no public statements or documents showing that opposition?
-If he is the ‘champion for fiscal responsibility’ that he claims to be, why did he lobby to expand ObamaCare’s drug coverage?

There are seven public records showing Salmon lobbied on ObamaCare, but there are no public records showing that he “stood against ObamaCare” in 2009 or until it’s passage in March of 2010, as he has claimed. Additionally, Salmon said he is ‘a champion for fiscal responsibility,’ but lobbied for expansion of drug coverage through ObamaCare. Salmon himself stated, ‘a change a provision in the proposed law which would have restricted access of people with some rare form of disease from getting the appropriate drug therapy.’ That’s Washington speak for, ‘we lobbied to expand the bill’s drug coverage.’ The choice is clear. Kirk is the only candidate in this campaign who fought ObamaCare from day one. He led the charge to pass the Healthcare Freedom Act, and joined the Goldwater Institute and various states lawsuits against the bill.”