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(Obama’s like a bad) Boyfriend

Posted: July 16, 2012 at 2:40 pm   /   by

You can do better.

I worry about you.  Your choices, the things you thought you were looking for, have changed; what you thought you were getting is not what you got.  The past four years of this administration have been like a bad boyfriend that you haven’t quite been able to give up, but you know you need to.  He’s the kind that makes your Mother sigh and say, “You could do so much better.” 

The scenario plays out something like this:

Emails and texts and cheap flowers streaming in until you finally agree to see him.  Once you go out you realize you don’t have much in common.  He’s really not what he seems and his attention is not on you.

His taste in friends is questionable; you don’t like them but you can’t put your finger on what exactly you don’t trust about them.  His values are strangely different, although he billed himself as more like you.  In fact, maybe he used your words as if they were his own.

You were introduced by someone you didn’t know well, whose interests and tastes were not in line with yours.  In fact, you wondered at the time why she thought you and he would make a good pair.

You can’t trust him.  He said he didn’t know about an event or a phone call or an email, but you know he did.  He got a friend involved to try and cover it up.  It was hurtful and hard to forget.

He’s relaxed a bit in his attention toward you.  He’s too good for some of your family get-togethers.  He plays golf at some of the most expensive clubs in the country, travels with people who tell him what he wants to hear, but you’re not included and he has the nerve to ask you to pick up his dry cleaning?

Instead of meaningful gifts that would make a statement or commitment or even show good taste, he gave you some meaningless, temporary tax refunds instead of jewelry, and then he “forgot” his wallet and you had to pay the bill at that restaurant you thought was a bit too expensive anyway.

He promises he will fix things in your apartment, but he makes excuses when you remind him.  You know deep down he won’t ever do it, but you want to believe he will.

Your parents don’t like him.  They’re a bit stodgy and particular and he’s different, sort of exotic.  You try to believe it’s just because they’re old and they haven’t dated in a long time. But you begin to see what they mean.  He’s not very nice to their little girl.

Ladies, you can do better.  Breaking up is not so hard to do.  Think long term.  Use your intellect and good taste.  Prove that you are worth a whole lot more.  Don’t sell yourself short.

You deserve a President who will work for you, is worthy of you, and will make sure you aren’t left holding the bill!

Katherine Dudley Hoehn

Katherine writes from her home office, with the help of her adopted chocolate lab. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, she has spent most her her government relations and nonprofit career inside the Capital Beltway where she also raised two amazing sons.

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  1. Maine Mom says:

    Guess it is just as that dating book said, “He’s just not that into you!”

    1.  @Maine Mom Yes, though I am also reminded of a song from our past, with the lyrics “Your love is like bad medicine . . . “

  2. Isn’t it great that we have choices!? 

(Obama's like a bad) Boyfriend