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Adams hits Salmon for role in passing health care reform

Posted: July 16, 2012 at 9:56 am   /   by

As the Aug. 28 primary election draws closer, the campaigns have only a few more weeks to make their closing arguments to voters before early ballots go out.   In the territory that comprises the new fifth Congressional district, the general election has often only drawn token opposition to the Republican candidate.  Therefore, the primary election takes on a special level of significance.

In the last days of the primary, Kirk Adams has come out with a new ad blasting Matt Salmon for his work lobbying for the President’s health care law.  It’s an attack ad, but it gets the job done.  Voters are going to be inundated with this message on TV, radio, and every other medium until the day the votes are counted.  It’s long been known that Matt Salmon is a lobbyist, but how will people feel about the fact that he helped to pass one of the most controversial laws in recent history?



The  campaign has also put up a website with all of the evidence behind their claim.  Salmon worked for a lobbying firm, Policy Impact Communications, during the debate over health care reform.  His clients were pharmaceutical companies who had struck a deal with the White House on prescription drug pricing.  According to official disclosures, Matt Salmon had lobbied Congress in favor of health care reform.  Policy Impact was paid a total of $190,000 from June of 2009 through March 2010, when the law was passed.  Matt Salmon later brought those same clients to his own company to lobby on “issues related to the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”.

It might be fairly late in the campaign, but now the information is out there and it’s up to voters to decide if his lobbying work makes it difficult to trust Matt Salmon on the issues.

Hannah Thoreson

Hannah Thoreson is a science and technology writer based in northern Virginia. She earned a physics degree from Arizona State University in 2012 and has been causing trouble ever since.

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  1. GOPcandor says:

    What a cameleon! This means just one thing. He thinks voters are completely brain dead! For him to lobby for such legislation and then move back to Arizona and claim to be a conservative and pledge to repeal a law he helped pass is just hypocritical and insulting. He is straight up attempting to deceive the electorate.

    1. Justthefacts says:

       @GOPcandor Only, it’s the message that is deceiving.  Salmon never lobbied on the bill period.  His partner in his firm lobbied AGAINST the bill.

      1. GOPcandor says:

        Really? Because the disclosure documents ask for the names of those that lobbied on their behalf. Not just those at the firm. And MATT’S name is the name on it. So either he falsified documents or he did lobby for it. 

        1. GOPcandor says:

          Pretentious name…”just the facts”

        2. Justthefacts says:

           @GOPcandor Adams’ staffer, he’s listed because he’s part of the firm. Common practice in Federal Lobbying for small firms.

        3. GOPcandor says:

          I’ll repeat myself b/c apparently you missed it. The form requires the names of each individual who LOBBIED on the issue,  not the names of those at the firm, the issue being expanding medical coverage. Entertain yourself with some light reading. Look at the forms and then we can both have an educated discussion.

        4.  @GOPcandor exactly ….  he personally discloses that he’s a lobbyist for that issue ….  if he wasn’t a lobbyist for that issue, he wouldn’t have disclosed that he was.he is basically saying, “my disclosures do not say what they say”LOL 

        5. Justthefacts says:

           @GOPcandor If they have a conference call within the firm and the issue is discussed, that could be considered lobbying.  For small firms, it is common to list everyone just to be safe.

        6. GOPcandor says:

          Then…he lobbied. He knew of it. He supported it. He profited from it. It’s pretty black and white.

  2. EyesOpened says:

    This is unbelievable. Especially considering Salmon’s recent tv ad touting his desire to repeal Obamacare. How can he repeal Obamacare when he lobbied for it in the first place?

    1.  @EyesOpened Let’s say your job is in advertising sales—yellow pages, perhaps. You have a customer—a small business that wants to take out a really expensive full-page ad, but you know that in that particular industry, for that particular business, a featured in-column ad would do just as well, but at one-tenth the price. The big ad will break the budget of the business without bringing in appreciably more business. The smaller featured ad will allow the business to get some new customers without going broke, and then maybe as they grow, they can change their advertising strategy. You’ll get a much bigger commission with the big ad, but you’ll be selling the business a product that they don’t need. What do you do?
      The answer should be that you take the smaller commission and do the right thing. The point here is that one can be a lobbyist for good things, for bad things, or for a come-one-come-all combination of good and bad. If you were a lobbyist and you had a chance to lobby for something like Obamacare, would you do it? I certainly would not.
      Lobbyists have a bad name, but the real issue is not the lobbying, but what is being lobbied for.

      1. EyesOpened says:

         @WesternFreePress I appreciate your point and agree with you. I have no problem with people advocating for things they have a personal stake in. That was the original intent of lobbying – to provide a voice for people who were passionate about a certain issue and needed to be heard. 
        Many lobbyists take the job nowadays not because they are passionate about an issue, but instead they take it because they have influence to peddle and money to make. I would love to see more lobbyists in DC who care about the issues they lobby for, instead of caring about how big their paycheck will be.

        1.  @EyesOpened Amen!

    2. Justthefacts says:

       @EyesOpened Because he didn’t lobby FOR Obamacare, he lobbied against it.  a little fact they seem to have gotten wrong.

      1. GOPcandor says:

         @EyesOpened How is lobbying to expand medical coverage not lobbying in favor? Nice spin.

      2. The company he lobbied for paid money for advertisements encouraging the passage of Obamacare …

      3. EyesOpened says:

        Show me the proof that he lobbied against Obamacare. Give me documents. Until I see otherwise, I’ll go with the hard evidence that says otherwise.

  3. WhoIsJohnGalt says:

    I love the Washington double speak attempting to explain Washington double speak. I also love the internets ability to completely expose politicians that think they can get away saying/doing one thing while they are in DC and saying/doing another thing while home. Sorry, Fatty Matty. This isn’t the late 90’s anymore. Get with the times, dinosaur.

Adams hits Salmon for role in passing health care reform