How serious are the leaks? Ask Dianne Feinstein.

| June 12 2012
Christopher Cook

As you know by now, Barack Obama and his administration have been leaking national security secrets, in an effort to burnish his reelection effort. Some defenders of the president insist that the leaks are not that serious, but others—including Democrats—are breaking ranks on this matter.

Among them is Senator Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and member of the committee for 11 years. She considers the matter very serious:


Here is discussion of the leaks on FOX News Sunday:


These intelligence leaks have implications not only for our national security and intelligence operations, but also for the very lives of our intelligence personnel. There are also serious implications for our relations with allies, and the degree to which they will be willing to cooperate with us in future.

President Obama is not serious. He is out of his depth. He’s a quasi-Marxist ideologue who belongs at a left-wing university indoctrinating helpless students like all the other quasi-Marxist ideologues. He is not presidential material; it’s almost as if he’s playing at being president, and doesn’t realize that his actions have ramifications outside of his reelection campaign and the narrow fortunes of his political allies. One might have expected that he would have grown into the position, becoming more serious as the office matured him. But it hasn’t matured him; he’s still as petty, opportunistic, short-sighted, and narrowly focused as he was when he was a junior senator, a community organizer, or a cipher already writing his first memoir in his 30s.