Walker, Wisconsin Ranger

| June 4 2012
Hannah Thoreson

The imminent Wisconsin recall election has brought many national political figures as well as protests from both sides into the usually-peaceful Midwestern state.  Party leaders and even former President Bill Clinton have been in the state campaigning and raising money for either incumbent Governor Scott Walker or his challenger, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett.  Polls show Walker with a narrow lead, but either candidate could win.  It just depends on who shows up to vote on election day — the deep blue college towns and union strongholds, or the suburbs and rural areas.

But the former star of Walker, Texas Ranger — Chuck Norris — has now come out and endorsed Governor Scott Walker.  Norris seems to be concerned about a possible deluge of union-backed recalls in the event of a Walker loss.

The last thing Wisconsin and our republic needs is another tax-and-spend liberal in charge of its state. If that happens, we conservatives must also be realistic about this: If the far left can recall Gov. Walker, then it could open the floodgates to sweep the country with more of the same recalls.

Perhaps Chuck Norris is hoping that his endorsement will help to slam the recall election revolving door shut.