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Lord Christopher Monckton vs Dr. Richard Denniss on Climate Sensitivity

Posted: June 3, 2012 at 5:00 pm   /   by’s coverage of Lord Christoper Monckton’s presentation in Sun City (here, here, and here, May 28, 2012) could rightly leave some readers feeling we’ve covered only one side of the controversy.  Furthermore, Lord Monckton’s use of humor to present the skeptic’s side of the controversy in an entertaining way could wrongly leave the impression that Lord Monckton is not a serious debater on the subject.

To correct both of these arguable deficiencies, WFP offers the video below, in which Lord Monckton and Dr. Richard Denniss engage in a serious, sometimes-contentious debate on the subject of “climate sensitivity” as it is called in this discussion. The video includes a sharp Q&A session with the audience.  This debate took place in July of 2011 in Australia, and this widely watched YouTube video has scored over 40,000 hits on YouTube as of June, 2012.