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Why is the DCCC going all-in for Ann Kirkpatrick?

Posted: May 24, 2012 at 3:55 pm   /   by

As the press release below from Jonathan Paton’s campaign indicates, the Democratic machine has gone all-in for Ann Kirkpatrick. It’s an interesting choice, really. As we discussed fairly heavily in 2010, Kirkpatrick is not particularly impressive. She has been caught in a number Al Gore-esque fabrications. She was a rubber-stamp for Nancy Pelosi and the hard left of the caucus, save for a few issues that she tries to use to dine out on with more conservative Arizonans. She’s not a great fit for the district or the state, and yet the DCCC has been investing heavily in her, even before redistricting was completed. It’s not clear exactly what they see in her, but whatever it is, we’re certainly not seeing it.


As reported by the Washington Post, liberal former congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick leads the list of Democrats on the DCCC’s Red-to-Blue list. These are the candidates that Democrats are counting on to return them to the majority… and Nancy Pelosi to the Speaker’s chair.

This district has a partisan voting index of R+3… which means it votes for Republican candidates in federal races. It’s a district that routinely elects Republicans to Congress, and that voted for George W. Bush over John Kerry, and John McCain over Barrack Obama. The only way Ann Kirkpatrick wins this seat is if Republicans sit on the sidelines and let her win!

Will you help make sure that never happens by making an investment of $20 (or more if you can afford it!) to our campaign today? 

Your contribution will allow us to stand up to the DCCC, keep this seat in the Republican column, and make sure there is no way Nancy Pelosi regains the Speaker’s gavel next year!

Your friend,
Jonathan Paton

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

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Christopher Cook