Video: IRS harassing tea party groups, demanding names of members

| May 10 2012
Christopher Cook

Though I moved out of California in 2007—and though I never lived in his district—I have been on Rep. Tom McClintock’s mailing list for years, and I am happy to be so. McClintock is one of the finest congressmen of whom I have ever been aware.

In the video below, he begins, as he often does, with a very brief but poignant reminder of American history and our Founding principles. He then relates that to the matter at hand: the intentional intimidation and threatening of tea parties by the IRS, in ways that other groups have never been treated. He directly calls out the Obama administration for using the IRS as a weapon against their political opponents.

(Meanwhile, the IRS is letting billions go out the door in fraudulent tax credits to illegal immigrants!)

At his website, there is also a petition on the subject.