Who is Keith Russell Judd?

| May 9 2012
Hannah Thoreson

Keith Russell Judd is a self-proclaimed superhero and Rastafarian Christian who has run for President every time since 1996.  The finance reports he files with the FEC are rambling, typewritten documents that have little to do with fundraising and much more to do with his opinions on medical marijuana or the 10th amendment.

Judd scored around 40% of the vote in the West Virginia Democratic primary against incumbent President Barack Obama.  Many have speculated that this is likely due to the current administration’s disdain for coal, an energy source that is a major source of jobs for West Virginians.

Judd is currently serving out a 210-month term in federal prison for felony charges related to extortion, but still may be awarded delegates to the DNC convention in Charlotte.

His positions on the issues are definitely eccentric.

He favors eliminating all federal taxes so “the government can operate on its own self produced money.” He wants to require gun licensing but let people carry concealed weapons. He says his national security views are “classified,” but his Iraq position is “withdraw ASAP and forget it.”

Judd plays the bass and bongos, belongs to the ACLU and the NRA, and admires JFK and Nixon.

Experts say it is unlikely that many of the votes were truly “for” Judd; most of them were protest votes from people dissatisfied with Obama.  Yet Judd’s handful of county-level victories only serve to underscore Obama’s difficulties with blue-collar voters.  Randall Terry also did well in rural Oklahoma’s Presidential primaries.  It is uncertain how well Mitt Romney will do competing with the President for those voters, but it’s clear that they are up for grabs.