As the zero hour approaches, we will hear more of these

| April 21 2012
Christopher Cook

The day of reckoning is coming. As Rep. Mike Kelly says in the “righteous rant” below, we are borrowing money with our children as co-signers. As Paul Ryan says in the video after that, this predictable debt crisis will be coming to a head soon—probably in two or three years.

Kelly asks for a bipartisan solution to this problem. But where is that solution going to come from? The Democrats offer nothing.

They won’t even do their constitutional duty to pass a budget, in violation of federal law.

The Democrat-controlled Senate is the laziest in 20 years.

They demagogue and do their level best to keep people in the dark about the true nature of the threat, so that they can keep buying votes.

Many of them may even believe that if they do this right until the train goes off the unfinished bridge into the canyon, they can start blaming the whole thing on “capitalism” before the dust has even cleared.

That said, fewer people are in the dark now than were before. There is a change happening. People in the country are starting to get this. And more people in Congress are refusing to mince words. Rep. Kelly’s statement is from January of 2011, and it’s even more apropos now. I expect that the frequency with which we hear statements like these is going to increase in the next couple of years.


And here is Paul Ryan discussing the coming crisis, the fact that the Democrats (other than Chris Van Hollen) don’t even try to pass a budget, and much more.



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