Does Romney’s three-state sweep put the race away?

| April 4 2012
Christopher Cook

ABC thinks so:

Yes, Rick Santorum can keep bowling for votes. He can call tonight “halftime” as he did tonight in a speech in Mars, Pennsylvania and vow to plow on ahead. Heck, he can even win the Pennsylvania primary on April 24 th.

The reason? Because Romney has finally broken into those demographics he was previously losing to Santorum, et al:

Romney didn’t simply get more votes than Santorum did in the“must-win” state of Wisconsin, he won over the kinds of voters who have been skeptical of his candidacy for much of this primary season: very conservative Republicans, middle income earners, strong Tea Party supporters and non-college graduates.

To be sure, Romney didn’t exactly carry these groups by a wide margin – he won those making less than $100,00 per year by just one point and very conservatives by just three points.

Just one demographic to go?

Romney still didn’t win among Evangelical voters in Wisconsin on Tuesday. But, he lost this group by 3 points in Wisconsin, a big improvement from Ohio where he lost them by 17 points.

RCP’s count:

Maryland | 37 delegates (100%)
Candidates Votes Percent
Romney 116,922 49.1
Santorum 68,848 28.9
Gingrich 25,967 10.9
Paul 22,649 9.5
Wisconsin | 42 delegates (98%)
Candidates Votes Percent
Romney 305,740 42.5
Santorum 270,686 37.6
Paul 83,969 11.7
Gingrich 43,893 6.1
District of Columbia | 19 delegates (100%)
Candidates Votes Percent
Romney 3,122 70.2
Paul 535 12.0
Gingrich 477 10.7
Total Votes & Delegates
Candidates Votes Delegates
Romney 4,554,756 634
Santorum 3,190,151 263
Gingrich 2,282,387 140
Paul 1,187,046 67
Here’s Romney’s victory speech . . .

He’s not a deeply stirring speaker. He seems kind of quirky, and maybe even just a bit geeky. He should probably just go with that, be self-deprecating, and be who he is. Americans like honesty and authenticity. And Americans of all stripes should begin to analyze the choice they have. In all likelihood, it will be Romney vs. Obama. It won’t be Romney, Obama, and some imaginary perfect third choice.