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Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo: Interim Investigation into Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate and Selective Service Docs

Posted: April 1, 2012 at 10:54 am   /   by

At his March 31 Press Conference, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse Lead Investigator, Mike Zullo, presented interim results of the Cold Case Posse’s investigation into Barack Obama’s alleged birth certificate and Selective Service documentation.

More than 1200 people attended the event at Church on the Green in Sun City West, filling the main sanctuary, the choir loft, a large meeting room with remote video, the lobby, and even the aisles. None of the Democrat Media Complex (NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, … ) was present, despite being invited.  Not even Fox.  As Sheriff Joe put it, the media give him plenty of national coverage when he hands out pink underwear to inmates, yet they ignore, as best they can, an investigation as significant as this one.

Sheriff Joe’s introduction (13 minutes) and Mike Zullo’s full report with Q&A (80 minutes) appear below in two separate videos.  Below the Zullo video is a time-line index for those who wish to skip to topics of particular interest.  Below the index is a video of two Tea Party leaders introducing the conference and describing their motivations for organizing it.  Finally, the investigation segments in the Zullo video can be seen separately, in continuous form, at this link.

The bottom line, according to Mike Zullo is:

The White House’s own data files, which they offered to the public as scanned copies of Barack Obama’s valid birth certificate and Selective Service documents, appear to be not only forgeries, but rather crude forgeries. Watch the videos and form your own opinion. Feel free to add your comments below the post.

Time-Line Index to Mike Zullo Video (above)

0:00:00  Introduction — brief tribute to Sheriff Arpaio, America’s Sheriff
0:01:20  The original goal was to clear the President
0:01:40  There really is no “document” per se — it’s a data file

0:07:30  What we found in the White-House-provided data file – Video 1
0:12:00  Zullo’s summary of Video 1 — the anomalies
0:13:30  Debunking the “other side’s” explanations, one-by-one
0:14:30  The optical character recognition (OCR) explanation
0:18:20  The optimization explanation

0:24:00  Summary of anomalies to this point
0:24:50  The green safety paper background — more tracks left by the forger?

0:27:00  Conclusions Video
0:32:45  Zullo’s comments on the conclusions

0:34:00  Zullo will not quit until this is finished
0:36:00  New information presented – “typewriter/typesetting evidence”
0:37:00  Document word spacing, line spacing, registrar’s stamp, inter-line font shifts
0:40:00  We are on the hunt for who did this, and we have some pretty good ideas

0:40:50  Video on the supposedly genuine Selective Service card, media avoiding the issue
0:45:20  Why Obama might not have registered with Selective Service
0:48:00  Why a Selective Service card forgery is more significant than the birth certificate

0:49:40  Bill O’Reilly & Sheriff Arpaio — the newspaper clippings
0:52:30  Passenger manifests and INS records — the curiously missing records
0:55:45  The sheriff’s letter to the Director of Selective Service
0:56:50  More suspicious features of the Selective Service card
0:58:25  The investigation is going international

1:00:00  Audience Questions & Answers Begin