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Klavan compares government to zombie apocalypse (video)

Posted: March 15, 2012 at 4:53 pm   /   by

And well he should.


Klavan’s also uses his companion piece on Pajamas Media as a call for unity . . . against the zombies.

So even as the drooling, hunger-driven creatures hammer at the boarded windows, grunting, “Pay for my contraception!” or “Do an environmental study!” or “Pay yourrrr fairrrrr sharrrre!” the Conservatives — I mean, survivors — defending the Constitution — I mean, house — have to decide who is going to lead them, which person is wisest, which plan is best. Should they go into the basement, which is easier to defend but impossible to escape from, or cluster in the living room, which has windows on all sides but leaves them the basement as a last ditch option? Should they listen to the Businessman, who has the experience of leadership but is too slick to trust? Or should they follow the Preacher, who has some good ideas but is operating under the delusion that this is all some sort of Biblical judgement? Or what about the Professor, who seems smarter than any of them but is known to be an all-around son-of-a-bitch?

One thing of course is certain. If the survivors don’t stop fighting among themselves at some point and turn to face the real enemy, the Zobambies are going to tear the joint to shreds.

While not actually calling for conservatives to unite behind Mitt Romney, Klavan appears to be pointed in that direction. But even if you prefer someone else, his point can still be applied, even though the race is as yet undecided.

Simply put, unify now, even as we all prefer different candidates. Relish in the fact that this extended primary is giving you the opportunity to have a say far later in the process than in previous years, but also commit to the notion now that we are on the same team, and that we will all unite behind the winner.

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

Managing Editor at Western Free Press
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Christopher Cook