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Letter of appreciation to teachers

Posted: March 14, 2012 at 3:25 pm   /   by

By Andy Tobin

While it’s been a difficult several years for good teachers to feel that they are important and to feel appreciated, I wanted to be clear that you are.

A vocation like teaching is clearly meant for those who put America’s children’s needs and future ahead of themselves and without much in compensation to affirm the respect and appreciation of community/political leadership. Of course most of you aren’t in the profession for that either.

As a father of five, I can speak to the impacts of good and dedicated teachers on the lives of each one of my children. In fact, without question the dedication of the fine educators of our state is clearly obvious to me as it relates to preparing and helping our children mature into responsible adulthood.

Not uncharacteristic of good educators, those folks never seem to ask for more, never seem to complain, never seem to point fingers and blame. More often than not, these folks just want to help children aspire to their dreams and take great satisfaction from the contributions they made to help their students achieve those dreams.

Today I remember those who made large impacts on my life, befriended me when I least deserved their belief in my own future, recognized that students achieved at different paces and different priorities and most of all, encouraged me to be a good and well informed person not a number or a statistic. It wasn’t all the teachers, this article isn’t for all, it’s for those who wonder whether or not anyone really cares about the work your doing and the vocation you chose. It’s for the special person who puts much of their life on hold for people they hardly knew and may not likely see again once they leave their classroom.

Those who dedicate their lives to others rarely in life get the thanks they really deserve; they do however get a sense of great satisfaction that many other professions can’t possibly achieve.

To those of you who fit this identity, please stay in education and know you are appreciated. Please know that your impact on our nation and our children can never truly be afforded and that your special talents are rare indeed and part of the great design of humanity. I hope you know that many of your neighbors and fellow citizens agree that you are special and thank you for the talent that you share at great sacrifice. Thank you…


Letter of appreciation to teachers