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Newt Gingrich vs Political Correctness on the Atrocity in Afghanistan

Posted: February 26, 2012 at 11:15 am   /   by

Now and then, a short interview exposes, as few other things can, Right versus Left, Strength versus Weakness, and Truth versus Willful Self-Deception.   We get all three and more in this Feb 24 CNN interview of Newt Gingrich on the murder of two American military personnel and wounding of four others by an Afghan soldier.

Is it any wonder that so many Americans crave this kind of upright, plainly-spoken truth in our next President, no matter who it may be?

Is it any wonder that Conservatives exult when they hear unequivocal condemnation of the Left’s “one-sided traffic in outrage” as well as its politically correct tolerance of intolerance?

Is it any wonder that so many Americans are disgusted by the the stomach-turning, skin-crawling, hand-wringing, serial apologies of the current administration?

Evidently, President Obama still believes in cultivating a perception of American deference, weakness, and timidity around the world.  We continue to reap what he has sown, and there is surely more to come, unless and until he is replaced.