Alternatives to increasingly unpopular Obamacare

| December 26 2011
Christopher Cook

According to Rep. Tom Price, Obamacare violates all six necessary principles of good healthcare. These are, as he defines them,

  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • Quality
  • Responsiveness
  • Innovation
  • Choices

Price offers an alternative in this video. It is HR 3000, and it is designed to put choices back in the hands of Americans.



Support for Obamacare sunk to 29 percent in the latest Associated Press poll. The widespread dissatisfaction with President Obama’s signature achievement is one reason Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) has developed health care reform that puts patients first rather than government.

The devil’s in the details, of course, but alternatives that allow free people to make their own choices and pool their purchasing power are certainly preferable to the Obamacare monstrosity.

Here’s more information from Heritage: As Obamacare Support Falls, Lawmaker Offers Patient-Focused Plan

John Stossel has more in Obamacare Abominations.

President Obama says his health care “reform” will be good for business.

Business has learned the truth.

Three successful businessmen explained to me how Obamacare is a reason that unemployment stays high. Its length and complexity make businessmen wary of expanding.

Mike Whalen, CEO of Heart of America Group, which runs hotels and restaurants, said that when he asked his company’s health insurance experts to summarize the impact of Obamacare, “the three of them kind of looked at each other and said, ‘We’ve gone to seminar after seminar, and, Mike, we can’t tell you.’ I think that just kind of sums up the uncertainty.”

Brad Anderson, CEO of Best Buy, added that Obamacare makes it impossible to achieve even basic certainty about future personnel costs:

“If I was trying to get you to fund a new business I had started and you asked me what . . . keep reading

Amazing how something so unpopular, so ineffective, and so damaging could make it through a representative republic.

Hopefully the checks and balances in our system will soon undo that situation.