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Western Free Press TV: What Are Public Employee Unions Fighting For?

Posted: December 15, 2011 at 9:20 am   /   by


Public employee unions use their political clout to get certain politicians elected. They then sit down and negotiate for wages and benefits with many of those same politicians. Politicians who increase union compensation are supported in the next election. Politicians who don’t are opposed or threatened.

Since politicians are paying public-employee unions with taxpayer money—a resource that they consider to be essentially bottomless—they have no incentive to keep costs down. Their incentive is to get reelected, and their reelection depend on you, the taxpayer, paying more and more each year.

Once locked in, this cycle is nearly impossible to break. Unions and politicians are sitting on the same side of the negotiating table, and taxpayers—the ones paying for all of it—aren’t even in the room.