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Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick Filed with AZ Bar

Posted: October 19, 2010 at 12:51 pm   /   by

As you have seen in our recent pieces, such as Finally, someone in the media calls out Kirkpatrick for her dishonesty, Look at me—I'm a spending hawk!, Kirkpatrick crosses the line, and others, and in our voter information research, we have seen that Ann Kirkpatrick has a core problem with honesty.

And now, you can add ethics charges to the strikes against her:

From Prescott eNews:

Prescott, AZ — October 17, 2010 — Frustrated with the lack of response to notices of copyright infringement, Lynne LaMaster, publisher of Prescott eNews, has filed an ethics complaint at the Arizona Bar Association against Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick. The complaint is regarding a video clip taken from without authorization, and used by Kirkpatrick in an attack ad against her opponent, Dr. Paul Gosar.


The complaint filed with the Arizona Bar Association cites Ethics Rules 5.3 (b)(c)(1); and ER 8.4 (a) and (c). and

“Ann Kirkpatrick has had plenty of time and opportunity to accept responsibility and do the right thing regarding this copyright infringement, and she has declined to act,” LaMaster said. “After bringing the issue to her notice 11 separate times in five different ways, only to be ignored, we felt we had no choice but to take further steps in this matter.” read the whole thing

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

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